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Our Approach

We’re committed to unleashing potential in people and investments

We know from experience that we’re most successful when we’re unconstrained by mandates, industry assumptions, or limitations set by precedent. Whether we’re researching an investment, building a partnership, or expanding our team, our unbounded approach allows us to go anywhere, explore possibilities, and unleash breakthrough potential.

Our business is built upon four central tenets:

A foundation of earned trust.

Apparent is built on a foundation of trust that comes from long-term relationships and consistent, predictable returns. We’re committed to actively renewing and growing that trust, and hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity. Transparency, proactive communication, responsiveness, and follow-through are central to our business model.

A relationship-oriented ecosystem.

We succeed because of our community of investors, capital seekers, and team members. This active network of collaboration is Apparent’s strength. Our partnerships expand our expertise, creating the opportunities and conditions that make our results and outsized returns possible.

The concept of super-compounding.

Envision a snowball rolling downhill, growing as it accelerates, accumulating and expanding into something exponentially larger than its start. That is super-compounding, and it’s our North Star. We focus on continually magnifying our returns over time in every aspect of our business – from building our investments and our partnerships to developing our team and our strategies. (Learn about the basis of our name).

The importance of an entrepreneurial, idea-driven mindset.

We are committed to being thoughtful, curious, and innovative, and are driven by a constant desire to learn and improve. Rather than being influenced or directed by prevailing industry opinion, we bring shrewd and open minds to every decision, allowing us to seek and find breakthrough opportunities and unlock the potential of our real estate investments, our community, and our team.

Learn about the insights that drive our approach and everything we do.

Corridor Ventures and Apparent Capital have invested with longtime partner and Lead Sponsor, Rockport Equity, in the acquisition of Enclave at Grapevine, a premier institutional quality asset in the sought-after city of Grapevine, TX.
Our ability to “Go Anywhere” allows us to discover unique opportunities for our investors.
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